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Why using short sentences is important for improved writing skills?

The art of constructing a great piece of writing begins with learning how to write short and simple sentences. Conveying a complete idea in fewer words is a difficult art to achieve but not impossible. Gone are the days when heavy and long writing used to be a thing; it’s now the age of minimalism: the less is more! By adopting a minimalistic writing approach, you can make your writing piece digestible and engaging to your readers.

A great author like Ernest Hemingway, Nobel Prize laureate, was also an advocate of the simple and minimalistic writing approach.

Okay, we got that but why is it important again?

Why are short sentences important?

Short sentences make your work more direct and straightforward, enhancing the readability of your content. That’s why many writing experts recommend using short paragraphs to tell a story. Paragraphs are a set of two or more sentences related to one particular subject. Paragraphs can be of a single sentence, effective for delivering ideas concisely.

What is the recommended length of a paragraph?

Well, there’s no definite requirement on the length of the paragraph. It entirely depends on a writer and their ability to construct paragraphs. Experts recommended length of a paragraph is generally two to five sentences. Hence, it’s advised to write short paragraphs for enhanced readability and coherent writing style. That said, single-sentence paragraphs are also recommended when coupled with lengthy paragraphs.

There is a general rule to align ideas together by paragraphs when writing academic essays such as expository essays and argumentative essays. You should know that the first sentence of any paragraph starts with a topic sentence – it is similar to a thesis statement that represents the key points of the subsequent sentences. The topic sentence is a single line statement that establishes the foundation of your paragraph. The following sentences after the topic sentence provide expanded details of the established topic. Finally, a concluding sentence wraps the entire topic before jumping to the next paragraph.

Why is it necessary to write short paragraphs?

How you break up your ideas on a page is entirely depends on your writing approach. However, there are certain advantages to breaking your arguments into readable and short paragraphs. Here’s why you should start writing short sentences:

Short paragraphs give a dramatic effect to your content:

Writers often write a specific thought separately to emphasize its significance. The idea is to isolate the thought on a page to make it stand out from the rest. It helps catch your readers’ attention and they will be eager to read the rest of your content. When your paragraphs look heavy and long, try dissecting your thoughts into short pieces and write them in a way to add a dramatic edge to your writing piece.

You can even write single-sentence paragraphs to make a point.  While long paragraphs are used in more formal writing forms such as professional papers or business writing, single-sentence paragraphs go perfectly well with informal writing forms such as online posts, blogs, and any writing piece that offers a writer a little bit of creative liberty.

When writing blogs, a writer can go as short as they want to. With white spaces between paragraphs, the one-line paragraph stands out on the paper and grabs your readers’ attention.

The lesser the text, the more chances would be to catch your readers’ attention:

Text that is divided into more readable and digestible sections of sentences catches readers’ attention. Long paragraphs on a page look bland and can turn readers away. On the other hand, short paragraphs with white spaces in between looks more appealing. Readers are more likely to engage with blogs that use short sentences and paragraphs.

It enhances readability

There’s no doubt that short sentences and paragraphs are easy to read and digestible. Even 1000-worded blogs look digestible when divided into small chunks and paragraphs. As far as online reading is concerned, readers are more comfortable reading blogs that are written succinctly. People read content through all kinds of devices – such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. Dividing ideas into shorter paragraphs makes it easier for your readers to scroll and read without losing track of words.

Variation in paragraph patterns demonstrate a writer’s viewpoint and opinion:

As we have mentioned earlier, every writer has a distinctive way of conveying their messages or portraying a story. Honestly, there’s no right or wrong way! It’s just how you put things into perspective for the readers to understand and react. A good writer is judged on how they successfully present their ideas by choosing the right words. They are also judged on how they break their thoughts into shorter paragraphs to create flow and rhythm to coherently convey ideas to the readers.

Hope this helps make up your mind about minimalistic writing, i.e. short sentences and paragraphs. If you have any queries related to this, feel free to contact Law essay Writers. Happy Writing!