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How to Write a Narrative Essay?

There are four basic styles of writing: descriptive, narrative, expository, and argumentative, and each of them has its own unique style. Their distinct flair and objective distinguish each from the rest of the pack. It was a practice that your professor would prompt you to write about your summer break every year when you returned to […]

How To Write An Expository Essay?

At times in life, you’re dealt with such a hand that you’re baffled how to go on. Just in case you’re a student, you’re likely to relate more to this. However, you must sacrifice your time and put in extra effort to work it all out. That’s exactly how we feel about expository essays the […]

Five definite strategies to combat essay writing conundrums?

You’ve pledged to yourself. Today, you’re going to stick to one place and write that essay. You have to go to a midnight party. And you just have an hour to work on that essay. You set your fingers over your keyboard. You’re in position. And… Knock. Knock. Knock. Jack, your roommate, is here. He’s […]

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Topics that may improve your final dissertation grade

Selecting a topic for dissertation is a fairly terrifying procedure to experience. Hence, students constantly seek advice from experts and seniors to find out which topic is preferably the best. It is undoubtedly the most difficult and challenging decision that students make during their time in university, and there are several considerations after which students […]

How to Make Time for Your Hobbies?

We would all love to dedicate some hours for our hobbies every day, but we just cannot find the time during the busy schedule. With such a hectic routine where you have to complete an infinite number of tasks, your index of interests just looks like a bucket list, and you promise yourself every year […]

How To Write An Impeccable Essay

Writing out an essay as part of one of your regular course projects is not the difficult part of this task. No, before you begin rolling your eyes, hear me out. Every student may be hoping to write the most perfect, the impeccable essay of their life, and repeat the performance with regularity every single […]