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Topics that may improve your final dissertation grade

Selecting a topic for dissertation is a fairly terrifying procedure to experience. Hence, students constantly seek advice from experts and seniors to find out which topic is preferably the best.

It is undoubtedly the most difficult and challenging decision that students make during their time in university, and there are several considerations after which students conclude on a topic. Some of them include the passion for the subject, interest or curiosity towards the topic, fascination with the variables, personal experience, etc.

Students often choose topics that might not interest them, but that would allow them to demonstrate their skills and strengths. Of course, students try their best to avoid topics that would expose their shortcomings.

What is the purpose of writing a dissertation?

Have you ever wondered the reason behind the mandating of such an intricate and labyrinthine task at the student level? Well, the reason is simple. The university wants to assess your expertise and verify whether you’re able to comprehend complicated information logically. In addition to this, the idea is to certify that you are prepared for the next step, i.e. the professional domain.

Hence, students are always encouraged to pick a topic that interests them. If you’re curious to find out the tricks that help you find the best topic for dissertation writing, continue reading below. These tips are highly distinguished from the regular essay writing help as dissertation writing is a separate and more formal domain.

The first trick is to identify what kind of work you’re interested in pursuing. What type of career do you visualize for yourself in the coming two to three years? After these considerations, you can select a topic. For example, if you’re interested in marketing, pick a relevant topic that is current and exciting. Doing researches on effecting marketing strategies is interesting but offers nothing new. Hence, be creative and allow your mind to be open.

Below some tips are for lined up for you to gauge the steps that are needed to produce an effective dissertation topic.

  • Establish the subject or domain you’re interested in. Are you particularly fond of finance and not sure how to go about it? Don’t be nervous. You need to decide the field of interest and think about the next step later.
  • If you’ve already decided the area of your research, then read the papers that are published already. Thus, if you select finance as your major, you should browse through the finance section in the library and pick out all the past publications.
  • Once you feel like you’ve read enough publications, ponder and introspect. What are the areas that contain loopholes? Do you feel some questions have not been answered? Write down all these points and brainstorm.
  • Contact writing agencies, seniors in university, supervisors, and friends. Ask yourself, what do you want to do? How do you want to take this research? Go up to academic forums and ask blog writers for their suggestions. The Internet offers so much these days that you shouldn’t miss opportunities and be mediocre. It’s high time you go big, or you go home.
  • And finally, if nothing works, you can talk to your classmates and ask them what they’re doing. These ideas will be enough for you to get inspired.

If you want more ideas or suggestions, below is a list of topics. Each is divided as per their fields.


  1. Ethics in banking
  2. Factors contributing to a successful business
  3. Positioning strategy of Etihad Airways
  4. How does business management work in the 21st century?
  5. How is the business strategy-making style different in the 21st century?
  6. Entrepreneurship and how much the government supports it
  7. The influence of information technology in business
  8. What is the role of global marketing negotiations in cross-border commerce?
  9. The USA capital investment industry
  10. The uses of customer relationship management (CRM) software and software in the business world today


  1. How corporate structures exploit employees
  2. How business managers fight negligence that clients show to their products
  3. How customers see their company in light of social responsibility and practices
  4. How technology is taking the lead in businesses and small ventures
  5. How does policy feedback impact the organisational change culture with respect to financial firms
  6. The importance of motivation in the workplace
  7. How leadership styles can affect productivity
  8. The role of leadership in creating competition in the company


  1. Investing in London’s energy sector – obstacles and opportunities
  2. The effect of cooperation investments in the economic development of the community
  3. Comparison of financial investments in Asia and Europe
  4. Risk and benefits associated with advanced mobile banking technology
  5. China: The effect of population growth on the economy
  6. Mutual funds and the index are gaining popularity – here’s why
  7. What are balanced scorecards, and why is it gaining importance in legal firms?
  8. Modern accounting standards: Do they live up to the regulator’s expectations?


Thus, it can be established that choosing the topic of your dissertation is the most difficult but important decision of your academic career. It dictates your future profile as a result of which careful considerations have to be made.