Privacy Policy

The information rendered by our valued and esteemed customers is controlled and monitored in accordance with our subsequent privacy policy. Our policies are subject to periodic changes, however, the latest version will be available on our website:

Assimilation of Information

In order to be able to utilise the services available on our website, our customers may be required to present their personal information; such as name, address, phone number and email address.


We are equipped with a meticulous Data Protection and Companies Act Policy, therefore, we never disclose your private and personal information to anyone or any third party. All of your personal and private information is kept safe and secure within our SSL protected database.

Online Visits

Whenever a user lands on our webpage, we are able to determine their IP address in order to pinpoint their location. This helps us in rendering more customised and tailor-made services for them.

Information Usage

Your personal and private information is solely used to provide you with further information regarding our services, such as promotional offerings and on-going discounts. The details of the availability of these discounts will be conveyed through an email or a text on their phone number.

Confidential Information Access

If you would like to receive a complete record of all of your personal and private information kept within our database, request our legal department via an e-mail for it. They will ask you some questions regarding your personal identity, after which the complete information will be presented to you.

Contact Us:

You can contact our customer representatives who are available round the clock to offer 24/7 assistance for your queries through live chat, email:, or simply giving us a bell on .

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You can easily contact our friendly customer representatives, available round the clock, offering 24/7 assistance via email, live chat, or phone call.

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