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Five definite strategies to combat essay writing conundrums?

You’ve pledged to yourself. Today, you’re going to stick to one place and write that essay.

You have to go to a midnight party. And you just have an hour to work on that essay.

You set your fingers over your keyboard.

You’re in position.

And… Knock. Knock. Knock.

Jack, your roommate, is here. He’s getting ready and he wants to borrow your cologne.

But wait, he wants to share something about his girlfriend, or maybe a few suggestions for his next date. 2 minutes with jack turn into 45 minutes.

Oh, and you have only 15 minutes to either get ready for the party or stay and work on that essay.

Forget it; there’s always tomorrow.

Well, does this situation reminds you of your new year’s resolution?

If you’re struggling to establish productive writing habits, rest assured, you’re not alone! But you know what: you can do that! With the help of online law writing services UK, we have rounded up a list of five strategies to tackle essay writing conundrums:


Distraction conundrums

People like your roommate, Jack, is always going to be there to distract you. To keep yourself out of their reach, it’s better to shut your door or turn off your smartphone, or even block your internet connection, if needed. Do whatever it takes to distant yourself from any sort of distractions.

Allocate a specific writing time and let your roommate know about these timings. Surround yourself with a no-distraction environment; no phones, no coffee, nothing! It should just be you and your laptop! Delve deeper into your thoughts, and just go where your brain takes you.

Strategy: Distant yourself from distraction!

The priority conundrums

Set your priorities straight! You might have millions of tasks lined up in your schedule, and everything feels like a priority. But does it? We guess pushing your movie marathon for the weekend won’t be a problem, right?

And oh, your dates can also be adjusted on Saturday or Friday nights, whatever floats your boat. Sure, you are free to make prior commitments. Just like some people, if your commitment is to spend your entire days binging season 5 of Friends, this isn’t going to take you anywhere!

You need to set your priorities. Ask yourself this question: what’s more important, writing an essay or laughing at Chandlers jokes?

List down all the activities you have planned for a particular day, and see if you can delay one or two.

Strategy: Make your essay a priority!

The Word Count Conundrum

Do you know Steven King writes only 2,000 words a day? Yes! So just think this through and ask yourself a question ‘would you be able to write 3500 words essay in a single day? Sounds unrealistic, right?

Don’t overburden yourself with word count; it will lead to burnout. Don’t write an entire essay just in a single sitting, do your brainstorming first, write the introduction and maybe leave the rest for the next day. Divide your essays into simple, doable stages. Cover one section each day over the course of a week. For example, Monday can be a brainstorming day, Tuesday is for research, Wednesday is for writing a first draft and Thursday would be an edit day. You get the idea, right?

Strategy: Start small and gradually build up your momentum. There’s no rush; just keep in mind the deadline. Divide your task into chunks, and avoid setting up unrealistic word count goals. Treat yourself as a student, not a wordsmith, unless you want to be one!

The Passion Conundrums

Write your essay with enthusiasm. Think of all the positive motivators that convince your mind into spending one good hour in writing. Imagine all the places that this essay can take you to a top ten list of creative students or to the principal office for a special pat on your back.

Well, there’s this thing with writing, you just can’t force yourself to churn out words when you don’t feel like doing. Don’t be hard on yourself; it happens! In fact, it can happen to anyone, even to great writers. It’s best if you give yourself some time (not too much) to process this feeling and eventually get out of it. You just need to determine what works best for you! Here are a few things to consider:

  1. – Watch TED talks.
  2. – Read books of your favorite authors.
  3. – Set small goals.
  4. – Find yourself a writing buddy.
  5. – If you like things competitive, challenge your friend in writing.
  6. – Set up a habit!

Strategy: Find motivation.

The Edit Conundrums

Okay, this conundrum is pretty serious (we don’t mean the rest aren’t). But students often hate editing their work. They just don’t want to spend more time on the essay that has already consumed their entire day. However, they need to realize the importance of editing. This stage allows you to eliminate all the possible errors that you have made while writing.

And then there’s another clan of students who questions their every word, sentence or paragraph. With this self-editing, you won’t be able to get anywhere. So it’s better to save the edits for later and keep your fingers typing.

Strategy: For students who don’t edit: Edit! And For students who self-edit a lot: let it flow!