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Top 5 College Youtube Channels You Should Subscribe to

The media consumption around the world has shifted from mainstream television shows to channels like youtube and applications like Netflix or Prime. Most young people find it easier to watch the content of their choice by going online, and this has established an entire industry that allows anyone to make a channel or website to entertain the masses.

One good thing that has come out of this practice is that college students find it easier to reach representatives or other peers studying in the same institute and making a choice is therefore assisted with proper reviews. The success of vloggers has gained so much attention that every major university in the world now caters to multiple vlogs and blogs to help others view life inside their colleges.

From Harvard and Princeton to state colleges, you can just type in the name on youtube and will probably find a lot of online content related to dorms, academics, sports or other off and on-campus activities. So law essay help has compiled a list of vlog channels that you should subscribe to if you are a student.


Kent Heckel

This Youtuber is a mass communication junior standing at Principia College. He joined the site in 2011 and posted a lot of interesting content about his academic life. His videos usually have more than 30K views, and he is praised for his amazing videography skills, smart transition shots alongwith entertaining banter.

You can also earn a lot of good advice from him because he seems quite well learned in his discipline. His general description states that he makes videos regularly to inspire people to become better, no matter if they are graduate or any high schooler, all of them are likely to love my videos.



This channel is run at the University of Southern California by a 21-year-old business administration major who has been active since 2012. The vlogs have over 3M views from across the world, and she has a popular presence on socials like Instagram and Twitter. Her vlogs are usually about academic fashion, school, beauty, makeup, DIY techniques and more.

She is known for her well-edited B-rolls, bubbly background music, helpful images and fun transitions. The most liked video from her channel is about having back to school essentials because it covers almost all the products needed by the students. Her About section says that her goal related to video content creation is to help all the people in any way she can.


Brittany Lewis

This channel is for all the girls interested in sorority life, especially at such a large university – the University of Florida. She is a freshman journalism major who very recently began her vlogging career. She quickly rose to fame through her first video consisting of her moving in a day as it gained 361766 videos.

She discusses all the issues that young girls have to go through when they sign up for sorority houses so if you are someone who is looking forward to that life, subscribe to her channel as soon as possible.



Katherine Berry is a business administration student at the University of Southern California, and she posts twice a month. She is quite creative with the transitions and has expertise in Broll. She covers topics like What needs to be done when you are exhausted in college, which is popular with the student body.

Her videos are usually focused on graduation these days because she is about to complete college. You can subscribe to her channel to have a clear insight into the life of a college senior.


Thomas Frank

The most popular Youtuber of all time is Frank who originally joined the platform back in 2009. He graduated from Iowa State University with a BS Management information system degree in 2013 and now focuses on helping students who view his videos.

He releases three or more videos every month and talks about studying, self-improvement, and productivity among college students. He is also a writer and has published blogs related to the same topics mentioned above and his books 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades has remarkable reviews on Amazon.


Tasha Frasaci

She transferred from Marymount University to USC. She is a sophomore communication and media studies major. Her vlogs are about beauty, lifestyle, fashion and college life in general. Her account is probably one of the most aesthetic ones as it consists of cute supplemental images, messages and colourful transitions that make her videos worth watching. Unlike Thomas Frank, her focus is less on academics and more on how to survive college with style.

So if you are starting college soon, these are some of your go-to blogs. You can just subscribe to these and get a great insight into your future life, so you are well prepared for it and don’t have to look to others for help.



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