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How to Work With Your Fears: A Comprehensive Guide

Fear is a force that prevents you from moving forward. It clouds your judgment and makes you view the opportunities as threats. When you feel threatened, the body’s fight or flight response naturally kicks in, thus compelling you to either go back to your comfort zone or to fight back.

In the latter case, fear can be used for motivation. However, this would require you to administer control over the emotion, in contrast to letting it control you. Taking control does not mean that you shouldn’t allow yourself to be afraid. Rather, it suggests that you embrace the fear, accept it, and push through it. The following guide provides a detailed explanation of how you can take charge of your fears.

Implement the change

There are moments in your life when you want to step out of your comfort zone to achieve great things. These moments usually come to you right before you sleep. You often find yourself saying, ‘Tomorrow, I will achieve all my goals.’ or ‘Tomorrow, I will stand up to my bully.’

However, the next day, when you have to confront the situation, your fear consumes you. It stops you from taking the initiative to stand up for yourself. This is because the goals you had set for yourself the night before were incomplete. While you had the outcome planned out, you did not consider the process. Therefore, you must plan out every single detail of how you are going to overcome a frightening situation.

Vibe with the chaos

As soon as you step out of your comfort zone and achieve success, you will feel a high that will compel you to do it all over again. When you experience that moment, enjoy every second of it, as you may never get to experience that intensity of emotion again. So, take it in, cherish it and do everything in your power to feel it again.

However, there may be times when your fears may come true. In this case, accept reality, but do not hold on to it. Clinging to one negative event can place you back in the cushioned cage you used to reside in. Therefore, move forward, not backward.

For instance, you may have an idea for a project which may be risky. When you attempt it, you may receive a failing grade. However, do not ruminate over it. Instead, hire an essay writing service UK to control the damage and move past it.

Welcome curiosity

Everything that you know today is a result of curiosity. If our human minds weren’t curious to linger around, they would have never stumbled on things that have changed the world. Therefore, to let go of your fears, welcome curiosity. Allow yourself to investigate and question everything around you. Let your self be in control of what you want to learn and do not think about the consequences. Instead, think about what you can potentially achieve.

Win at life

If you are letting go of fear, then you are winning at life. You are essentially taking control by losing control. You are allowing yourself to become liberated from the shackles you had previously tied yourself up with. So, accept, embrace and continue winning!

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