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5 Tips How To Write A Literary Essay Step By Step

A literary analysis essay is a cardinal aspect of the university curriculum. This category of essay writing aims to assess the formation of strong individual opinions and the degree of commitment in their presentation. A Literary analysis essay is fundamentally a review of a piece of literature, book, novel or art. Hence, its content is subjective to the writer’s own cognitions.

Writing a literary analysis essay requires the demonstration of certitude in tone. The writer is expected to convince the reader on their own opinion, thereby showing a firm stance in their belief. A literary analysis essay is an amalgamation of critical, formal and a traditional essay. The following guide can assist students in writing a literary essay:


Choose an area of interest:

As you intend to write a convincing essay, it is crucial to select a topic which intrigues the writer. The significance of choosing a fascinating topic lies in the quality of the essay. If the individual writes with passion, their enthusiasm is displayed in the content. Hence, students are recommended to take an interest in the project and choose a subject matter which they hold close to them. This aspect will facilitate the formation of strong opinions and allow the individual to write in a tone exuding confidence.

In case the topic is provided by the professor, students can search within the topic for something that appeals to them.

Introduce with a ‘hook’ statement:

A literary analysis essay must begin with a captivating statement. The usage of a strong fact to instate the essay can make the reader take a genuine interest in the essay. Hence, students can brainstorm ideas to create an outline for the essay. Essentially, creating a mind map is also beneficial for students as it can allow them to cultivate creative ideas and synchronise them to create a coherent essay.


Formulate a strong opinion:


In an academic essay, based on the writer’s opinion, the factor of commitment plays a significant role. Students are required to stay by their grounds to create an essay that reflects knowledge on the subject. When a confident tone is used, the reader tends to agree with the writer. Hence, it is essential to use strong vocabulary and a simple sentence structure which can take the essay to an elevated level.


Build a case:


Scientific claims back a compelling essay. Ergo, students are required to carry out extensive research which can justify the arguments stated in the essay. The individual is required to use credible sources and insert citations to provide evidence for the authenticity of the argument.


Edit thoroughly:


The sophistication of the writing can be lost if an error is encountered. Thus, students are required to edit the essay until all mistakes are eliminated thoroughly.

A literary analysis tests the individual’s writing skills as well as their ability to convey the idea. Hence, it is recommended for students to practice this art and invest time in writing the essay. Students are further encouraged to read the samples of a literary essay to gather an idea of what is expected of them.

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