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When you submit a law essay or assignment, there are some things you need to remember. Firstly, teachers will question you about your submission. And secondly, they'll evaluate your responses to judge the authenticity of your work. Therefore, it's important to understand your submission before going through an oral examination. But thankfully, we can help!

Our law assignment viva counselling service provides students support from PhD experts, examiners, and supervisors. They'll read your essay or assignment, provide you with their analysis, and help you with different questions you may face. That way, you'll have no trouble scoring good grades. Simply call us, get on a Zoom session, or correspond via email to begin our coaching process. We'll get you ready for when your teachers orally examine your work.

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Support with Our Law Essay Viva Help Service

Law is a complex subject with many different areas of study. That's why law students struggle. Fortunately, our law essay viva help service offers support for all subjects. Have a look:

Intellectual Property Law

Environmental Law

Immigration Law

Family and Juvenile Law

Islamic Law

Labour Law

Civil Rights

Corporate Law

Criminal Law

Education Law

International Law

Tax Law

Divorce Law

Property Law

Sports Law

Patent Law

Media Law

Cyber Law

Merger Law

Constitutional Law

Healthcare Law

Admiralty Law

European Law

Business Law

How a Law Essay Viva Service Helps You Prepare

Preparing for an oral examination of your work can be tough. But our law essay viva service has a few solutions to keep your grades intact. Here's what we do:

First, we begin with exploring how typical oral examinations or viva exams take place. For instance, your professor is the one who will conduct the assessment.

Next, we focus on the set-up of the exam.

  • Your instructor will have a basic draft report of your work. It will contain an evaluation of your essay's performance.
  • They will grade your work.
  • The oral examination can take place for various reasons.
  • Your assessment duration can vary depending on the overall length of your work.
  • Your professor will assess your knowledge and approve or reject your essay based on your answers.

Our law essay viva service will focus on the assessment's criteria after covering the basics of the oral exam setup. That way, there's no confusion about what you need to do to score good grades.

Here are the requirements for an essay:

  • Original contributions
  • Relevant submissions
  • Quality literature
  • Clear purpose
  • Quality analysis
  • Conclusion quality and relevance
  • Recommendations, practice and theory quality and relevance
  • Writing and presentation quality
  • Professional attitude and conduct
  • Structure quality

The best way to handle an oral examination or defence of your work is to prepare ahead of time. Unfortunately, preparation can be quite stressful. That's why our law essay viva service offers students practice sessions where we analyse and evaluate your performance.

Our team takes it slow with step-by-step questions. Then, we teach you what to expect from examiners and their requirements. That way, you always know what you're going to do when they ask you a specific question.

We have PhD examiners who know the viva procedure. So, contact us now if you're looking to practice before you take the test. We'll help you get ready without any problems.

The process of defending your work in an oral exam is challenging. Therefore, it's a good idea to have our experts review and analyse your performance. That way, you get critical feedback on your weaknesses and strengths. Then, it's as simple as improving upon them to score the best grades.

Here's how it works:

  • 1. Our experts analyse and review the effectiveness and quality of your submission.
  • 2. They scan for weaknesses in your writing that would stand out to examiners.
  • 3. They write a detailed review of each point and provide you with the necessary feedback.

Providing students with this information about their work allows them to fix the problems and score higher grades.

The final step is a pre-emptive attempt at problem prevention. And it starts with editing. For instance, there are many errors students make. These can include basics like punctuation and grammar or extreme cases where the entire structure is wrong. Unfortunately, those issues stand out to teachers and examiners. However, we can take care of them ahead of time to ensure your work is always good.

Our team focus on meeting the examiner's requirements by resolving each mistake present in your work. And with a team of the best experts, it's easy to clear up even the most difficult problems.

contact our team and speak with our experts to ensure your submissions stay strong.

Our Law Essay Viva Service

What Makes It Stand Out as the Best Choice for Students?

There are many things for students to consider when choosing a service to help with the law viva voce examination. Thankfully, we have many standout features which set us apart from the rest. As a result, you can trust we'll get you a good result. Our team manages countless students' exams. And we've never let one down.

So look at the features that make us the only reliable choice:

PhD-level experts

One-on-one sessions

Affordable Prices

Top Client Testimonials


There are many troubles students face in academia. For instance, they may struggle with their essays and their viva exams. But fortunately, we provide special help for those issues. Our team is one of the best. But you don't have to hear it from us! Instead, listen to what our customers say. We have countless positive reviews for students to read before they purchase our law essay viva service. So, read our reviews:

David Blake

This is an impressive service for students who want to prepare for their exams. The experts taught me how to respond to and defend my work. So, I would recommend them if you feel unsure. Also, the service doesn't cost much. So, I think it's worth it.

Order #12465 | Viva Services Completed Order in 2 days | 6 hours ago
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Unbelievably good in terms of quality and professionalism. This is a great tool. Seriously, I can't praise them enough for their help. If I were to summarise the benefits, it would be the low price, amazing PhD experts, and the great features they offer.

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There's no service as good as this one. Honestly, I thought I would fail my viva. But I found this team of experts and their services. Now, I'm happier than ever, thanks to their hard work and quality. I think you should buy it too if you feel like me.

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This service has highly trained professionals who know all about viva exams. They helped me study and learn more about the exam process through multiple practice and feedback sessions. That's why I would say they're the best in the viva exam industry.

Order #45867 | Viva Services Completed Order in 10 days | 5 hours ago
Andrew Smith

I wouldn't recommend this service if it wasn't good. But it is! Trust me. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to get through the examination process. These guys showed me what I was lacking and what to expect from the examiners. Now that's quality service!

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How Our Law Essay Viva Service Viva Works

There are many stages to working through your law essay. As a result, they can be complex, difficult, and overwhelming. However, students need to submit them to get through their semester. That's why we offer an additional viva service to elevate each law essay you submit. Here's how it works:

Step 1 – Understanding the Problem Statement

The first stage to a successful submission of your law essay is understanding the problem statement. Here we will focus on the aims of your essay. We'll start with basic questions like "What's the objective? Why did you choose this topic? And how will you convey your key points?"

Focusing on these basic questions gives you a chance to plan and prevent any further problems.

Step 2 – Using the Right Content and Information

The second step to a successful law essay submission is to improve what goes into it. For instance, law is a very vast subject with impossible levels of data to analyse before you write. This information also varies in quality and scope. Therefore, it's necessary to use the right content or information when writing. That way, you ensure your work always remains good.

Our team reviews all information and data going into your work. And we even help you conduct research or provide literature to help your work stand out.

Step 3 – Structuring and Formatting your Essay

The second step to a successful law essay submission is to improve what goes into it. For instance, law is a very vast subject with impossible levels of data to analyse before you write. This information also varies in quality and scope. Therefore, it's necessary to use the right content or information when writing. That way, you ensure your work always remains good.

Our team reviews all information and data going into your work. And we even help you conduct research or provide literature to help your work stand out.

Step 4 – Understanding the Right References

The final stage our team covers is the citation and reference section of your essay. This is a crucial step as examiners and professors require students to use the correct citation methods while also adding relevant sources. Thankfully, we have the guides to help you learn which ones work best for your submission. Our writers also have volumes of literature thanks to our internal cloud system. We use this information to help our students find the right references.

What Makes a Law Essay Viva Interview Service Reliable?

It isn't easy to put your trust in an online law essay viva interview service. After all, there are cyber threats, scammers, and even fake websites designed to cheat you. But Law Essay Writers isn't the same. Instead, we're a trustworthy service that offers support for every academic problem. And our experts are always here to help you find the best path forward.

Our services also come with many beneficial guarantees that students can use. For instance, on-time delivery. As a result, we remain the most reliable academic website in the UK. In addition, we also keep our prices low. That way, our services stay affordable too.

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How to contact Our Law Essay Viva Service

Now that you know all about our law essay viva service, you may want to Contact us. Fortunately, that's easy because we don't have many steps. Instead, all you need is to use one of the methods below, and our representatives will help you in no time. Try the following methods to reach our team:

Method 1 – Call Us

The quickest way to reach our team is by phone. So, just call us at 0203-034-3149. Our representatives are available 24/7 for support. We can guide you and direct you to the best decision with our guidance experts. Or you can speak to our professionals to discuss your work.

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Method 2 – Live Chat

The final step to contact our team is easy. Simply use the live chat feature and have a representative guide you while you're on our site. They can provide information about the services we offer or explore different options for you to order. So, chat with us now to buy law essay support now.

Customer Safety with Our Law Essay Viva Service

Whenever you access a website, you trust them to keep you safe. Unfortunately, most are not reliable enough to prevent malicious entities from attacking and stealing your data. However, that's where our team steps up. Instead of choosing unreliable methods, we focus on developing our security procedures to keep our customers safe. We have developers, coders, and professional threat analysis experts working behind the scenes. And they ensure your data stays as secure as possible. In addition, we also regularly update every aspect of our website's features too. So you can trust your data with us. To learn more about data security, visit our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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There are many steps to prepare for your law viva exam. But our team uses a process that's easy and simple to follow. First, we focus on giving you the context of the oral exam. For example, the kind of questions and requirements you need to be aware of. Then, we focus on the academic criteria your essay is evaluated under. Here we focus on what your essay needs to qualify as a good submission while also teaching you to defend your written work. After that, our team helps with mock practice exams where you can test yourself. This will allow you to gauge your performance before the real deal. Finally, we have the review and editing sections where we review your progress and edit your work to ensure you meet every standard.

Viva voce is an exam process where examiners criticise students' work to determine authenticity and student professionalism. In law, the exam focuses on identifying the strengths, weaknesses, decisions, and reasons behind a student's work or academic contributions.

Yes, we do offer our law essay viva services to PhD students who need help. Our experts can show you everything you need to secure a good grade on your viva exam. So, contact us today and set up a viva consultation with our team of experts. Then, we'll evaluate where you stand and move forward with how we can help.

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