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Why Should You Reading book a Priority?

“Only the weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry” – Tessa Gray

Books are uniquely portable magic. Even if you’re sitting in the middle of a partying crowd with a book, in no time, you’d be transported into a world completely differently than your own. The depth that’s packed within books is no less than ethereal magic. The authors seem to have a knack for their job, and they really seem to know the readers quite well to get them to hang onto every word they write.

The avid book readers are collectively called “bookworms”. Because they know very well the kind of treasure that’s stored in each book. Even with the advent of E-readers and tablets, people still take out certain hours from their bustling daily lives to escape their reality by diving into the land of wisdom or adventures, depending upon the book they’ve picked up, of course. We know you must be filled with skepticism about us trying to sell this propaganda of reading books. But if you can watch hours of movies, surely, reading a book should be a cup of tea for you!

All right, if you’re not a fan of reading books, this blog might just change your mind.

Importance of Reading Books

You must be getting flashbacks of having to write an essay on “The Importance of Reading Books” back as a kid, and since then, you must’ve probably vowed to yourself that you’re never picking up a book. Of course, now we can completely understand why you might be fed up, but we believe this leisure-filled activity deserves some benefit of the doubt.

Reading books can be an enjoyable activity and one that helps you develop a deeper understanding of various things and concepts in life. Each book introduces an ocean entirely of words for you to take in and think them through. From the most profound stories to the most mesmerizing encounters between characters, you can’t help but get enraptured. There’s not a single topic in the world that you can’t find a book upon. Unless it’s the future, but wait, there are still books written on predicting what the world will be like in the future. So past, present and future, everything is inscribed in the books. Hence, they are a source of an endless sea of knowledge.

Recommendations for first-timers

Now, we can understand with so many books where one ought to start from. But, perhaps, it’d help you best if you narrow down a book based on the movie genre that you most recently watched and enjoyed. Hell, even most hit movies these days are book adaptations. So, here are a few fantasy books that should help you get started:

  • Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rowling
  • The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

Here is a more detailed and comprehensive list of why you must read books:

Cognitive Mental Simulation

As mentioned earlier, reading books allows you to develop your thinking and analyzing skills. When you concentrate on the words that are written in a book, you’re stimulating your brain and its cognitive functions. As a result, your mind is sharpened, especially the part that is accountable for your attentiveness and critical analysis. It helps you streamline your thought process. Consider reading as an exercise for your brain; the more you sharpen it, the more apt you’ll become while tackling strenuous scenarios. Just like you sharpen your knives before any meat cutting, your brain needs the sharpening as well before any big event.

Updating your vocabulary

If you’re not an avid book reader, then you must come across tons of words every day that baffle you. Sure, it’s fine to learn words on run-time; however, learning them with context allows them to settle in your head for a longer time period. Google is always one tap away for you to look up meanings but wouldn’t it be better if you save time? For that, you need to spend a good deal of time reading books of various niches. Thus, every now and then, you’d be learning new words and adding them to your vocabulary, which you never would’ve if you didn’t read.

Stress and Tension Relief

Studies have shown that kids who belong to dysfunctional families turn to books in times of distress for solace. Since they can’t run away from their toxic family, they might as well escape from their reality by relying on books to be there for them. Apart from that, in general, books are a cheap and interesting source of entertainment. So why bother paying for a streaming service that you’d seldom use in a month? Rather than that, grab a book and release all the pent-up frustration and tensions you’ve been holing up.

Helps with Depression

When we said that books cater to a variety of topics, we were not kidding. You’d find a huge variety of verified self-help books that can motivate you in becoming a more active and healthy individual. Just like reading books help you in lowering your stress levels and exercising your brain, depression can also be dealt with if you read the right books. Now we aren’t claiming that reading the right books will clear you of depression no, but you’d be able to equip yourself with how to handle it better. Your mood can drastically change by reading a good book.

Strengthening your Writing Abilities

Look, we get it. If you haven’t picked up a book before, it’ll take your time to get used to it. We’d recommend you to start by reading prose or two daily. Thus, once you get the hang of reading a book every other day, you’d notice that it has significantly improved your writing skills as well. Given the fact, reading and writing go hand in hand, that’s no surprise. You’d soon easily pick up the way books are structured and begin implementing the best practices in your own writings. What do you know you might even end up becoming a best-selling author yourself?

Enhances your imagination

With the fantasy novels we mentioned above, if that’s your thing, you could be doing your own world-building with the writing skills you’re armed with. The characters you read about can have a huge impact on your life to the point you could be inspired to pick up some of those habits for yourself even. Immersing yourself in the stories can be exhilarating. It’s like you can feel each and every emotion of the characters yourself. Given the book is written brilliantly, of course. Otherwise, it’d be no fun at all. People say it’s a great feeling to read a good book, but it’s an even sadder feeling when you know there won’t be anything else like this one.

Boosts your sleep

We bet even you didn’t know this fact. Reading allows you to fall into deep and heavy trances. It can improve your sleep pattern and contribute to your restfulness. Because when your mind’s relaxed and de-stress, you can get the best possible sleep. That’s why many people prefer reading a chapter or two from a book before they fall asleep every night. Now, it’s a whole other story if the book is so intriguing that they can’t seem to put it down. Before you go to bed, it is very important that you calm your body and mind after a long day, and reading a book seems to do the trick.

Enjoy your entertainment

There’s no bigger joy for a bookworm than to get their hands on a first edition and get to smell the pages like the fine crisp pages are their drug. Reading is the sort of entertainment that can be hugely gratifying when the story and characters seem to speak out to you. You can’t help getting engulfed in the storyline as if your own life is at stake. Outwardly, you can seem completely unfazed, but on the inside, you’re cheering and whooping for the main leads to pull through at the very last second. Moreover, reading the same book as your best friend and discussing each detail in length can be pretty satisfying as well.

Broaden your mindset

Books give you a deeper insight into various perspectives. For instance, if you don’t know much about the Middle East, you can simply read a book and get to know all about the culture. In addition, you’re able to look at the world from the point of view other than your own, which can give you an appreciation of the life you live as well.

Most law Essay writing help providers would agree that books are a part of that incomparable treasure chest that you can’t help but prize not because of its beauty but rather because of the sentimentality associated with it.