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The Importance Of Writing Your Own Personal Essay

In this contemporary era, students rely on technological advances to assist them in the day to day tasks. Cognitive practice of mathematical problem solving is replaced by cell phone calculators, traditional method of taking notes has been substituted by typing on a laptop or taking pictures of the notes, whereas the project of creatively planning and composing the essay writing task is now swapped with online services that offer students the fortune of submitting professionally written essays.

Despite the convenience of these services, it is crucial for students to utilise their own essay writing skills. When students start out their universities, the probability of being assigned with the task of writing a personal essay is relatively high. For that reason, it is essential for students to hold the skills that can assist them in efficiently performing this task. In the case of personal essays, students are required to write about a person, event or situation that influenced them extensively. As a consequence, students should attempt to perform this task on their own as a result of the following reasons:

  • Demonstrates enthusiasm: When an individual composes their own personal essay, they hold the ability to express their emotions unequivocally via their writing. The demonstration of passion is writing captivates the reader’s attention and further encourages them to read further into it. Hence, personal essays have a high rate of success when they include an element of emotion within them.
  • Highlights personality: In contrast to employing an external source to compose their essays, when students construct their own personal essay, they have the opportunity to express their personalities. When an expert writes for the student, they lack knowledge and experience about the individual’s life, which hinders their ability to include personality in writing. As a consequence, they compose essays that are monotonous in nature.
  • Eliminates the probability of plagiarism: When a student writes in regards to their experience, the possibility of their essay including plagiarism is reduced. As a result, their work is one hundred percent original and unique.
  • Enhances writing skills: Initiating with personal essays assists students with their skills of formal academic writing. Ergo, when students compose their own personal essays, they are provided with the fortune of augmenting their writing skills which can serve to be useful in later life.
  • Allows for introspection: Lastly, the task of writing one’s own personal essay will not only be beneficial in terms of Additionally, this project permits the individual to look within themselves and get in touch with their inner self. This expedition of introspection benefits the student as it often results in catharsis, thus promoting peaceful mental health.

Although students who struggle with the writing as a result of their language barrier can refer to an expert for assistance, it is expedient for them to work on their own writing skills simultaneously. The results of this will not only be valuable in one’s academic journey but will further allow the individual to utilise their expertise in their professional lives.

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